Growing in a down economy? You must be kidding!

Yesterday, I participated in an industry sponsored webinar on surviving, even growing in a recession. For a first effort, I felt it was a success…as 325 contractors/operators signed up for the event.

My message, as it is in all my training, was that, if you take time to differentiate your company/product/service from the competition..and communicate the real, tangible value of the differences, you CAN sell and grow in a recession. I have clients who grew 18-23% this year…top and bottom lines! That is a fact.

Yesterday’s blog post on leaving the doom and gloom behind and getting back to business was based on this year’s positive experience. Since yesterday, a couple of people contacted me…telling me I was just another consultant…planting unrealistic expectaitons in the minds of generate business.

Holy cow! How silly! I am reporting what my clients are doing. Believe it or don’t, your call. But this I know, small to mid-sized businesses I work with are making it happen. To me, that’s good news and I intend to use my blog to tell the story.

Value sells…the probem is…we don’t take the time to hone our communications skills and we don’t tightly manage our marketing/sales process. If you want a more detailed discussion, let me know.


1 Response to “Growing in a down economy? You must be kidding!”

  1. 1 David A. Grant, Landscape Designer September 26, 2009 at 3:50 am

    To all…I participated in the webinar on “Selling in a recession”…and it was AWESOME! Thank you Bill for doing it. For those commenting that he is just another “consultant”…it’s not true! Unfortunately, I think that people get stuck in bad times…but there is room for growth for any company despite econonic condition. Bill’s info was dead on in principles and was done in such a straighforward manner…I am sure people will make at least a 20% increase…if they would just LISTEN and take in the information and follow through. In tough times like these…I think many get caught up in the thinking that “it doesnt matter what I do…its the economy that’s the problem”….bologne! I think Bill Hoopes should be known as “THE REAL DEAL”! And no, I am not soliciting business for him…up until last week I didnt know who Bill was….but I am glad I do now. Way to go Bill….hope to work with you in the future. -David

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