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Get off the doom and gloom kick!

Flash! People are sick and tired of this recession. Over 90% of all Americans, those who want jobs, have them! And, despite what you hear, most have medical benefits too!

So, why are we hanging our heads? I’ll tell you; because the media is making hay, driving ratings scaring people to death! I don’t know about you but I’msick of it!

Don’t want to sound successful or anything not PC but…I bought a new 09 general motors car this year. And, low and behold…it’ still running! In fact, it’s a great car! So, life as we know it has not ended and, unless we let the sobbing, politically motivated pundits control our emotions, we can survive!

Let’s all decide to be positive for a change. We’ve been through tougher times….much tougher..and we’ve survived. And we can now. I’ve never Americans so down in the dumps without reason in my life. Don’t misunderstand…out of work is out of work. But, we can work through it if we go forward and get our heads out of the sand.

If you run a company, you’d better be showing a postive face 24/7. If you are an employee, representing a company, you’d better push back against consumers who are being sold the doom and gloom story. If we kick consumer spending in the rear, if we begin, again, to invest in the future, we’ll actually have one.

I know my positve view is not exactly typical but, I was part of a home serivce business during the 1987 recession..a tough time for the service business. I saw people pull in their horns and expect to fail. No surprise, they did! Self-fulfilling prophecy, I suppose. But my company did not! And my clients this time around are growing! Why, becasuse the refuse to buy into the media dribble which, in my view is mainly responsible for the malaise that has overtaken our country.

Good news! Our attitudes are ours! We can choose to be up…or down. Stay in the dumper if you must but, as for me..I’m not taking part in the negative recessionary doom and gloom any longer.

Gee, I feel better already!! How about you?


Selling requires a focus on how we can not why we can’t!

I’m just off another week on the road, training sales people.  Reflecting on the current situation, no way to describe it but dismal.  Dismal? To whom is it dismal? From my vantage point, the most dismal among us are found in two groups of people; the media and those out of a job! The former preach threat and fear for one reason…to boost ratings. The second, have a legitimate reason to be down.

What about selling home services in this environment? One would assume that, with all the chit-chat on cable talk shows and throughout the media, people would not buy. In fact, people aren’t buying….except, except in one particlar instance. Let me tell you about it.

I’m in Nashville.  The economy there is no better, no worse than in most other mid-southern cities. Talking heads, as they do everywhere, proclaim the end of life as we know it. So, what’s my point? Simply, that if we [the sellers] accept media BS and focus on the downside of things, the sad result becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We can’t sell.

In my training work there, I came upon one less than highly educated employee…someone asked to skip the negatives and sell what is still of value to homeowners…pride and investment in the single biggest asset most of us will ever have, our homes.  Knowing no better, the young man did what I asked.

Every night, after a day in the field, we’d role play the absolute and demonstrable value in a home investment. Over and over, I worked with him on moving the prospect’s mind from the deluge of daily media gloom to the notion of a better day; a day  that would see home values begin to stablize and even rise a bit. I showed him how to  lay out the increase in property value of a home with real curb-appeal. And, in the interest of brevity, let me just say, it has worked.

Now, before you pile on….think about it for a moment. Here we have a young seller, not yet able to own a property but still believing it to be a future possiblility.  A young person who, like most, want to see a brighter future.  A young person unable to live in a negative world of daily disasters and, to quote our new leader, a world of “catastrophies”.

My point, so very simple and uncomplicated is…’s all in our heads! That is, unless you are one of those who either must sell your home now or is out of work. Still, with more than 91% of all employable Americans earning a living, there are lots of people out there looking for a reason to be positive.  They may not take that cruise or buy that new car this time around but….talk to them about building value in the one asset that matters most, and will for years to come, and they will listen!

Would tha media agree with my experience or even give it exposure? Not on your life! Why?  Because it takes away the play and exoses them for and the party in charge for what they are…people making a living by taking us down! the worse they all make it sound, the greater their accomplishment in “saving America”.To heck with politics! To heck with the media! Let’s focus on how to make things happen than describing why it can’t and won’t! Let’s not continue to fall for the media and political BS designed to make them successful and think about personal, individual responsibililty.

There, I’ve said it. I can’t live and work in a negative world….how can  you?